Friday, April 5, 2013

Rounding Cash Transactions in Canada

As of February 4, 2013, the Canadian Mint will no longer distribute pennies. As pennies
exit circulation, cash transactions will need to be rounded, either up or down, to the nearest $.05 increment. Options to allow Canadian rounding on cash are now available for the following SAM4s models:

Model - Firmware Version
ER-900 Series - V1.036
SPS-300 Series - V1.043
ER-52XXM Series - V9.3
ER-285M - V5.013
ER-5115II - V1.5
SPS-500 Series - V1.00s (2-4-2013)
SPS-2000 - V3.00g31 (2-4-2013)
With the indicated firmware version (or later) these models can be set to round only cash transactions—check and charge transactions will continue to charge the exact amount. For
customers still carrying the exact amount in change, the cashier will have the option of tendering
the exact amount in cash, thus avoiding cash rounding.

Call us at 1-877-877-3192 to order a machine that supports the new rounding method today!  Make sure to mention to your representative that you need the firmware that supports Canadian rounding.

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