Friday, November 10, 2017

Samsung ER-4940, ER-4900, ER-4915 Troubleshooting

Do you have a Samsung ER-4940, Samsung ER-4900, or Samsung ER-4915 and it's displaying an error message on the screen? Here are some common errors for this series of machines:

E1 - General Error
E2 - Drawer Open
E3 - Compulsory Eat-in or Take-out
E5 - Function Key Inactive
Closed - Displays when all clerks are signed off. A clerk must be signed in for the machine to operate
CL - Displays in X or Z mode indicating that a clerk must be signed on
PP - Printer failure. Could be something as simple as a paper jam. Ensure the printer is free of paper and power cycle the machine to try and clear the error. Please note: if you have not replaced the internal battery in the cash register, power cycling the machine may result in loss of programming information!

If you are unable to clear the PP printer error, your printer may need servicing and/or replacement. Cash Registers Online offers a replacement ERP-400 refurbished printer for the Samsung ER-4900, Samsung ER-4940, Samsung ER-4915, Samsung ER-5100, Samsung ER-5115, Samsung ER-5140, Samsung ER-6500, and the Samsung ER-6540.

It is also possible that errors may be cause by a malfunctioning mainboard. Mainboards for the older Samsung machines may no longer be available. Sam4s offers direct replacements for the following cash registers:

ER-4915, ER-5115: Sam4s ER-5115ii and the Sam4s ER-5215M ER-4940, ER-5140: Sam4s ER-5240M, ER-4900, ER-5100: Sam4s ER-5200M.