Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Samsung ERP-400 Cash Register Printer

Many Samsung cash registers, including the ER-4900, ER-4915, ER-4940, ER-5100, ER-5115, ER-5140, SER-6500, and SER-6540 use an ERP-400 printer from Samsung.  This printer is no longer available as a new unit, although Cash Registers Online does offer refurbished models of the ERP-400 printer that include a 30-day warranty.  If you would like to ugprade to thermal-based printers, Sam4s offers machines that are considered direct replacements for the older Samsung cash registers.  The ER-5200M, ER-5215M, and ER-5240M are the replacement models.  Sam4s also offers the ER-5115II, which features a dot-matrix printer if you do not want a thermal-based cash register.


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