Monday, February 25, 2013

Sam4s SPS-300 Cash Register is the improved successor to the popularSam4s ER-650 Cash Register

For many years, the Sam4s ER-650 has been the most popular cash register in the United States.  With its user-friendly on-screen programming, large keyboard, and multitude of features, it served all types of business needs.  Unfortunately, the Sam4s ER-650 has been discontinued by the manufacturer.

Now, Sam4s has released the successor to the ER-650 - The Sam4s SPS-300 series of cash registers!

There are three different SPS-300 machines available - The Sam4s SPS-320, Sam4s SPS-340, and the Sam4s SPS-345.  The difference between the SPS-320 and SPS-340 is that the SPS-340 features a receipt and journal printer, where the SPS-320 only has the receipt printer.  A journal printer is a nice feature, as it provides a detailed copy of each receipt for the store owner, manager, or accountant.  The Sam4s SPS-345 is a raised-keyboard version of the SPS-340, and features 21 PLU buttons on the keyboard.  The Sam4s SPS-345 replaces the Sam4s ER-650R.

You can view all of the Sam4s SPS-300 machines by visiting the Sam4s SPS-300 Category section of our site.

Cash Registers Online still has available stock on the Sam4s ER-650, so if you're still in need of an ER-650 cash register, please contact us for availability!

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