Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Vital Cash Register Accessories

Vital Cash Register Accessories

So you just bought your awesome cash register? Congratulations on your new purchase. In today’s modern society businesses are turning towards tablets and other smaller forms of registers for their businesses, but cash registers are still a better decision!. Although you may think that your purchasing is done you need to consider purchasing some accessories to improve your new and amazing cash register.

Cash Register Keys:

Cash Register keys are an obvious accessory for your cash register. It is important to make sure that your cash register is able to be secured and protected at all times. In order to use the register and take out money you will need to have the manager and operator key to access many functions. This is essential to provide the most security for your hard earned money.  Below you can take a look at Sharp keys as well as Sam4s and Samsung Keys. Don’t forget to purchase this accessory!

Thermal Paper Rolls:
Thermal paper rolls is an obvious cash register accessory. Many cash registers exclusively use thermal paper to keep track of all of their transactions and to allow for adequate record keeping. These cash registers will need quite a bit of thermal printer paper and it is your job to stock up!

You can purchase thermal paper here!  

SD Card:
Many of the newer and more updated ECRs (electronic cash registers) have the awesome feature of having an electronic journal function. This function is very convenient when you are trying to search previous transactions or to look for any discrepancies. These registers can hold more data when using an SD disk and can then be transferred to a normal tradition computer.

You can purchase an SD card here!

Cash Drawer Insert:

It should come at no shock that you will need a cash drawer insert for your ECR. Many registers come with drawers already, but you might want to find something different OR you might need to just update your old insert. Either way, an insert is essential to the productivity of your cash register is a crucial cash register purchase.

You can check out these cash drawers and figure out which one fits your needs.

Keyboard Cover:

Keyboard covers are essential accessories for any cash register owner. A keyboard cover is a rubber silicone cover that you simply place over the keyboard and it will protect the keyboard from dirt, grime, food and accidental spills. Purchasing a keyboard cover will protect your investment and increase the lifespan of your cash register.

You can check out our keyboard covers to find the perfect cover for your specific cash register. Find our inventory here!


Although it might be difficult to justify purchasing accessories with your already expensive cash register, purchasing these accessories can help increase the quality of your product and can improve your business. These accessories are necessary to get the most out of your register.

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