Monday, August 5, 2013

Sharp ER-A410 and ER-A520 unavailable at this time


The popular Sharp ER-A410 and Sharp ER-A520 cash registers that have been such reliable machines, are currently on back order from Sharp. After contacting every distributor, we are informed that Sharp will have more machines in the US in mid to late September. If customers do not wish to wait, we recommend switching to a different model or even a similar Sam4s cash register.

A comparable machine in the Sharp Family is the Sharp ER-A347 cash register which has 20 departments, both receipt and journal printer, and comes with a nicer display than both ER-A410 and ER-A520, however, the ER-A347 does not have food stamp functionality.

Also available are our popular Sam4s brand of cash registers.
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