Friday, April 5, 2013

Sam4s ER-285M Cash Register is Perfect for Yogurt Shops

The Sam4s ER-285M cash register may look small, but don't be fooled - it packs a ton of potential!

To start, the Sam4s ER-285m has been our most popular cash register for yogurt and ice cream shops. You have the ability to connect a scale, such as the
CAS PD-II or the CAS SW-10RS, directly to the cash register. This will allow you to automatically pull the weight from the scale and multiply it by the price of your item on the keyboard. The register also has the ability to subtract the weight of the container, called a tare weight, allowing you to accurately charge the customer the correct amount for the product. Cash Registers Online offers a bundle of the ER-285M with the SW-10RS scale, and when you purchase the bundle from Cash Registers Online, we configure the register and the scale for you prior to shipping! The SW-10RS supports a maximum weight of 10 pounds, which covers most needs of yogurt or ice cream shops, but if you need a larger platter, or the ability to weigh more than 10 pounds, you can upgrade the scale to the PD-II model.

The ER-285M is also an excellent cash register for retail stores. Without adding any extra memory to the machine you are able to store 10,000 items in the cash register after configuring the register's memory allocation settings. This, coupled with one of our Honeywell bar code scanners makes this item one of our most popular scanning machines.

But what if you need more than one peripheral device connected to the register at once? No problem! The ER-285M offers a serial port expansion kit, giving you a total of three RS-232 serial ports (2 DB9-F, and one RJ45).

The newer revisions of the Sam4s ER-285M also feature a faster and quieter thermal printer, as well as the commercial-grade Sam4s Model 57a cash drawer, featuring media slots at the front of the drawer for checks and/or credit card receipts.

Cash Registers Online has available stock on the ER-285M cash register, so call us at 1-877-877-3192 and order yours today!

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